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Education and Training Programs

Rodger Noel, founder and president of Credifax Atlantic Limited, has extensively promoted credit education and training over the past 36 years. Rodger was awarded the prestigious A.C.I. designation (Associate Credit Institute) in 1997. The designation identifies qualified credit professionals that have been recognized by the Credit Institute of Canada. Rodger has served on numerous legislative review committees, including the Newfoundland Law Reform Commission (1984), Small Claims Court Reform (NS), and he represented the Credit Institute of Canada at The National Insolvency Forums in 1999. Rodger has hosted numerous seminars on a variety of credit topics including:

  • Preventative Creditry " An Ounce of Prevention"
  • The Role of Sales and Credit
  • The 12- Point Collection Program
  • Construction Credit
  • Warning Signals & Danger Signals
  • How to Win in Small Claims Court

His expertise includes training, production, motivation, systems analysis, and development. He draws on over 36 years of successful, hands-on experience and shares his experience effectively with seminar participants. Credifax is pleased to offer a series of seminars and workshops for groups of 15 or less. Credifax offers customized on-site training programs and systems analysis- contact us for more information

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